hospis - don’t breathe

Music clip, directed by me.

Welcome to the universe where every breathe is filled with pain. Please stick to one rule. If you died, don’t breathe. 

World creation


In this film, I wanted to show how you can create a new world from destruction. For this shooting, we even painted and repaired the walls in the local park (walls against which the video was shot). This is my personal experiment with the style, this is my new world of art.



I can observe her only from afar to not be seen by her. It’s hard to hold - I in despair. 

This is the story of a maniac in 
love a bit :-)

SHEman is free from gender stereotypes, time, any limits.

SHEman is probably not even a human being.


SHEman comes from nowhere or always was there.

SHEman is here to tell you only the NOW exist.

Un'ode alle sabbie

directed by Inna Mosina. 
I was born and raised in Kazakhstan, among the desert and steppe. This image of sand is forever entrenched in my heart.

I accept

directed by Inna Mosina. 
I wanted to create a film intuitively. Neither the actress nor I had any experience and knowledge in the field of cinema. This, we wanted to achieve maximum sincerity and emotionality in our film. 
The film about how through fear, aggression and struggle to come to acceptance and harmony.


It's time to be my true self
Life Outside The Binary.