All my works are available as limited edition prints, profesionally printed on museum quality archival paper. Each artwork is signed and numbered on the reverse of the photograph. And it is also accompanied with a signed Certificate of Authenticity write me for this.

Also my works are part of the SAATCHI ART GALLERY

and may be purchased DIGITAL FILE (An unlimited amount of copies can be made for private use)

I sell digital files for all images(except the series
"No War") so you can have them printed at the printer of your choice.

Have printed on canvas, watercolor paper, fine-art rag, wood, etc .

No shipping charges.


ice woman model winter - Scandinavian ro
ice woman model winter - Scandinavian ro

fineart print
fineart print

limited edition print
limited edition print

ice woman model winter - Scandinavian ro
ice woman model winter - Scandinavian ro

pink sand.jpg
Golden woman.jpg
Golden woman.jpg

What is limited editions prints? 

     Limited Edition Prints is printed on high giclee of quality with archival paper, signed by me on the reverse side and numbered, the circulation can be 5 or 10 copies, or one of a kind. I make a print a small circulation because I want my works to be as valuable as possible, and accessible to chosen people only. Also this print will be accompanied with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, which is the document. Limited edition print is a collector's edition, decoration in the house, as well as a wonderful gift.           After a years price of this prints grow, so that it is also an excellent investment of money in art! 

     Limited Edition Print means that one photo will be printed a limited number of times, in accordance with the announced circulation. When the last print is sold, for example # 5/5, the sale of this photo will be closed. It means that it will never be sold in the world else . 

Some of my photos are available in two sizes: medium and large, with a corresponding price difference. However, no matter how much I sold a large size or medium-sized, a total of 10 or 5 copies (in each case the total circulation is specified in the description). For example, if the circulation is 5 copies and buyers buy four limited copies of medium size print and one large size it means the work was sold out, 4 + 1 = 5 and this photography will never be printed limited edition and sold again. 




















wall art photography

What is the difference between the limited print and the simple wall art prints? 

     Simple wall art print is a print without my signature and circulation, and it can be printed on any material that you want (canvas, paper, ect.). It does not have a collectible value, however it is also a wonderful decoration in the house and a good gift.

     Good choice is to purchase yourself a license to print. It means that you buy a digital file and prints in your city, for private use - to decorate the house or to make a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. 



     Delivery is carried out by courier service to the buyer's apartment. The shipping fee is already included in your pledge. Usually international delivery takes 3-5 days, I also need 1-3 days to print and prepare the print for shipping. 


Risks and challenges 

     The art is done and the quality of the prints is amazing. I completely trust my printing house so you will be satisfied. In case of damage on delivery or in case of non-conformity of quality, I guarantee a full refund to the buyer. The guarantee term is 7 days from the date of arrival of the imprint to the buyer.

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