• Inna Mosina

How I Sell Photography for Book Covers?

Selling my photos for book covers always has been my dream. I knew that it will happen, sooner or later and it happened :-) But more about that later.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips about selling photos, some of them are really good. In my article, I will share my experience.

I am against violence against myself, so I am not changing my photos for commercial trends. If my photos coincide with the trend -ok, well :-), but never artificially.  Marketing works but we're not friends with it   :-), and I do not have marketing skills. If you also do not know how this working, it's not scary. You can sell your photos without it.

I love what I do. Every photo shots for me is happiness. The process of realization from the initial idea to the final result- is real magic.

Now, let me turn to specific tips:

1. You have to love what you make 

2. Be sincere with yourself, do not take a photo that will be sold better, take a photo that come from your soul

3. The most important thing is to share these photos with the whole world.

 I am share my photos on:

- https://500px.com

- https://www.flickr.com

- https://www.facebook.com

- https://deviantart.com

- https://1x.com

- https://www.artlimited.net

- https://www.behance.net

- http://www.vogue.it/en/

- https://www.instagram.com/

You just do your job, take a photo, put on the Internet, and the right person or agency will find you! Sooner or later! 

Just like it happened to me. With the help of 500px I signed a contract with the agency for the sale of photo for book covers. I'll tell you all about it in the next article.

Dream, love and shoot! I wish good luck!

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